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About Kavish

The people behind Kavish

Principal – Rupesh Chaudhary

In India, Rupesh had accomplished many things in his life. He had earned his MBA, had 17 successful years in business and even worked on the US and India processes for Excel and other products through Genpact India.

But something was missing. He felt the need to immigrate to Canada.

Once he had moved to Canada, and began working in business, it was obvious what his next move would be: he would become an immigration consultant to help like him.

Rupesh is honoured to help others come to Canada and he enjoys exploring the many immigration pathways to narrow down the best options for his clients. Part of his process includes a 15-minute free consultation to help clients make the best decision for their needs.

Our Guiding Principles:

  • We put the customer’s personal situation comes first
  • Professionalism is combined with a personal touch
  • We use latest immigration information on each file
  • We save the customer time and headaches




We listen to learn more about you and your immigration needs
Your case is professionally handled by a Regulated Immigration Consultant from start to finish.
More than 80 options for immigration streams
We offer a range of services to match your requirements. Whether you are looking for a complete service from start to finish or you are just looking for consulting on specific queries that you have in relation to your case, we can help with it all.
A complete end-to-end process from the initial contact.
We provide services through Skype / phone meetings. This gives you the comfort of getting the best services right at the comfort of your home or office.
Fully regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants.
We charge a flat fee for all the services in spite of the number of hours to take up your case. Sometimes the case may get complicated and may need more hours than anticipated, however, in most cases there will be no added charges for you.

As a fully-regulated Canadian Immigration Consulting firm, we have the skills and authority to help you with your immigration application to come to Canada. Plus, because we have experience helping many individuals immigrate to Canada, we have the expertise to navigate the numerous challenges in the process. 

If you’re ready to make the move to Canada, we’re here to help. We are constantly studying the trends and changes in Canadian immigration regulations and can guide you through the more than 80 different programs to find the right one for your needs.